6 Month Membership Gift Card

6 Month Membership Gift Card


We don't technically have gift cards so we figured we'd give you an opportunity to send/print your loved ones a little something to show them that you're down to gift them some yoga. To print one of these is free, and once your loved one is ready to start practicing, they can send you a message and we can get them registered!


This is for a 6 month membership:

1. Download the pdf so you can email/print to your friend/family member.


2. Once the recipient is ready to start their membership, have them contact you with their email address.


3. Create a login and password for them, (use their email) purchase the membership, and then send them their info to start practicing! 

*They can always change their password once they've logged in.


Yes, this is not as streamlined as we would like it to be, but it is the best option, for now! Pray to the wix.com God's that they figure out ways to create a gift card system soon! Thank you so much for your support.

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