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Attendance Policy

One of the cornerstones of success in any long-term commitment—such as this teacher-training program—is consistent presence. A powerful measure of your presence is your commitment to attendance: showing up for yourself, your teacher, and your peers. This section offers our detailed attendance policies so you can be well prepared for honoring your commitments and creating space in your schedule for the monthly meetings.


All 200 hours of yoga teacher training must be fulfilled in order to receive certification. This also includes fulfilling all assignments, reading material, classes, practice hours, and other course work that is assigned outside of our in-person or virtual hours together. Please make sure to look through the training program thoroughly to ensure that you can honor this commitment whole heartedly before applying/registering. 


You are allowed to miss up to 16 hours of training, and will be required to make up these hours. This equates to one full weekend of training, as well as one weekday session. We will be marking down any missed hours to ensure you have fulfilled all of the program.




Each minute and hour is structured to maximize your learning experience. Every minute that a student arrives late, delays our start time, which therefore impacts the entire schedule for the day. Because of this we request that all students arrive 15 minutes before our scheduled start time, to ensure that we can begin when we have intended to.


You are allowed to be 15 minutes late or leave 15 minutes early no more than 4 times. Anything beyond those 60 minutes of late arrival/early departure will count as a missed hour that must be made up.


Make Up Sessions:

  • Make up sessions can be done by watching all recorded lectures from the days/times you missed. Everything in training is recorded and posted to our training portal page for you to access. 

  • You will be required to check in with your Presence Partner to get clear on what was missed/ask questions you may have

  • If you miss more than 3 hours at a time, you will be asked to schedule a call with your Presence Partner + your Mentor

  • Students must contact Dani at to let us know the date and time of the makeup session(s) after they are completed. 

  • During the makeup session, students must complete whatever tasks were missed during session. For example, if a skill demonstration exercise was missed, students must use the makeup time to demonstrate that skill; if a ​topic ​discussion session is missed, students must use the makeup time to discuss their learning from studying the topic resource material. The student is responsible for keeping track of what they missed.

  • If students do not make up their missed sessions, they will not be eligible for graduation.

  • Hours must be fulfilled within 3 weeks from the missed session.


Please contact Dani before training to share if you have any scheduling conflicts during our program dates.


In the chance of emergencies and/or illnesses, please contact Dani immediately to communicate if you will not be present for training. Dani will reach out to you regarding making up the hours, even if it exceeds the 16 allowed hours. We understand that life happens and want to honor your humanity.

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