an 8 week business consulting program for wellness entrepreneurs

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Join Dani Reidy for an accelerated business development program where you'll be able to refine a pre existing wellness brand

or build it from the ground up.

This program is all about moving you towards your dreams. In just 8 weeks you will have laid a solid foundation for cultivating the wellness brand that you envision. 

Whatever you put your attention on, you give life to. Through this accelerator, you'll be able to keep your focus on what you wish to create, and manifest the life you imagine into reality.


Join me to align with your vision, your joy, your purpose and your true direction.


Four - 2 hour virtual sessions, every other week (8 weeks total; 16 hours)



Our first session will include gaining clarity over what your goals/dreams are. We'll discover your true purpose and investigate how that inspires your business. We'll discuss your mission and your why along with brand identity, strategy, finances & focus in on who your ideal client is. We'll start our session with a vision/goal meditation/exploration.



This week you'll be diving right into website design, content creation & more. You'll be given adding content into the templates I've outlined, including photos and descriptions about your brand, your offerings and you! We will hone in on a program/offering that you want to create, cultivating clarity on what it includes, how to present it on your website, market it and more.



After working for 2 weeks on your brand, we'll make some hard decisions. You'll feel organized on how to move forward. This week is all about defining who you are and beginning to develop your website. I will help build templates for specific pages on your site. I will also tailor your tasks to meet your individual needs/goals.



This final session is all about you presenting your work as an informal pitch. You'll showcase the work you have done through out the 8 weeks, receive feedback, be able to ask questions on how to move forward and have access to tons of resources. If your website isn't complete by this point, you at least have a clear understanding/ timeline as to what needs to get done/by when.

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Your Mentor

Hi! I'm Dani and I'm the founder of Arrow Yoga. I have been a small business owner since 2015, with the creation of my yoga retreat company, Arrow Retreats that transitioned to being completely virtual in 2020.  I know how to develop a 6 figure business, generate income while I sleep, and know the value of time/financial freedom.

In this digitized world, it is important to adapt and evolve your offerings to not only be in person, but to have components, if not all of your business, online. That's what I'm here for!  Whether its to simply have a landing page for people to find you, pay you, or it's a 100% virtual business, I'm here to help you. 

I created this program out of wishing that I had something like this to help me when I was first getting started with my businesses. I am here to support you, and advocate for you in building the most successful wellness business I know you are capable of!


What the program Includes

  • Brand creation/ identity

    • define your brand

    • your ideal client

    • organize your offerings

  • Streamline your content


  • Refine/define your offerings

  • Wix website set up & education

    • subscription services/monthly membership set up

    • create a blog/podcast/online store/ebooks & more

  • Tips/tricks on how to generate residual income

  • Financial modeling/organizing to help you achieve your goals

  • Homework Assignments to keep you on track/ hold you accountable

  • ​Resources from experts in the field 



As an addition to your mentorship program, you can also add on 2 more 1 hour sessions with experts in finances & brand strategy.

1 hour session with Kelley Ryan, founder of Wellth Solutions

  • Discuss budget, financial planning & receive templates/ resources on how to organize your wellth

1 hour session with Christie Evenson, brand & web designer

  • Receive consultation on brand strategy to help inspire a logo. Receive a brand strategy workbook & refine your vision with an expert

This is for you if you're..

  • Wanting to create a thriving business out of your passion for wellness

  • Feeling stuck on how to move forward

  • ​Wanting to create other forms of revenue streams for more stability in your wellness business

  • Want to create a virtual platform/subscription based membership

  • Want your own website but don't want to pay tons of $$$ for someone else to build it

  • Desiring clarity around how to combine a bunch of your dreams into one streamlined business

  • Want a soundboard to share ideas/ask questions about choices you make in your teaching/business

  • Craving someone to check in with/help hold you accountable for the vision you're aiming for

  • Want support in developing a logo/brand with an expert

  • Need financial budgeting tools & a plan to help you achieve your ideal income

Application Deadline: April 1

Payment plans available
Once accepted, we'll begin when you are ready!



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Mentorship a la carte

Need guidance on something? Support? Insight? 

You can schedule a one on one with me at any time, whether you've gone through the mentorship program or not. 

30 min. $35

60 min. $70

Schedule a call with me, and I'll invoice you after.