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Supporting you on the path of being a yoga teacher

A mentorship program to support your journey as a teacher through continuing education and/or receiving practical foundational business guidance 

Broken down into five 1-on-1 sessions, you can choose between 1 hour or 2 hour calls that are scheduled for every other week. The outline of our time together is determined by your individual needs and goals as a teacher.  Our first call will be to get clear on the direction of your mentorship by communicating your wants/needs.

Mentorship is to help support you as a teacher, whether it is clarifying methodology, philosophy, sequencing, or even personal inquiry and/or to help you manifest a specific project or brand idea. Dani will be there to hold you accountable, challenge you to stay in alignment with your highest self, and be a sound board for you to be in a creative and exploratory process. 

Let's walk the path together.


FIVE | 1 or 2 hour virtual sessions
(5 or 10 hours total)


  • Meetings every other week

  • Must be completed in 12 weeks 

  • Option to continue a la carte or go through another round of mentorship if you'd like

  • You can decide during our first meeting as to whether you want our sessions to be 1 or 2 


  • 5 or 10 hours of 1-on-1 mentorship

  • Bi-Weekly Emails to assign homework to help support your goals

  • Call/texting whenever you need


Continuing Education

  • Philosophy, History of Yoga, Terminology 

  • Sanskrit & Mantra

  • Sequencing/Theming

  • Krama, Vinyasa, Restorative, Nidra, Yin, Pre-Natal

  • Insight Meditation, Pranayama

Business Development

  • Brand creation

  • Website Design/Development

  • Programming

    • Retreats​

    • Workshops

    • Events

  • Private Clients

  • Marketing

It doesn't have to be either or for our sessions, conversations can be fluid and informal.
Come ready with whatever you're looking to give your attention to, and we'll go from there.


Your Mentor

Hi! I'm Dani and I'm the founder of Arrow Yoga. I have been a small business owner since 2015, with the creation of my first yoga retreat to Costa Rica! I had been only teaching since 2013 when I decided to take a chance on myself and set my dreams into motion.

Since my first teacher training, I have taught thousands of hours of yoga classes, but more importantly I have studied even more,  participating in trainings and yoga immersions multiple times per year to deepen my understanding of this remarkable practice. I've taught for dozens of yoga studios, have led my own personal events, workshops, hosted over 20 yoga retreats internationally, have collaborated with amazing people and brands, have facilitated a 300 hour YTT and continue to host my own 200 hour yoga teacher trainings. 

At the beginning, I was hungry to teach and to learn and was at one point teaching over 20 yoga classes per week. I recognized how unsustainable this was and have worked hard to create systems for my business to help me support myself, financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything that I have now, has been created from the ground up by me. I know what it feels like to start from the very beginning and would love to help you.

I offer this mentorship out of wishing that I had something like this to help me when I was first getting started as a teacher. I am here to support you, and advocate for you in building the most fulfilling life possible.


5 hours | $750
10 hours | $1500

Payment plans are available. Whatever works for you, works for me.
To sign up, please submit the intake form. Dani will reach out to you within 1-3 business days on how to move forwards.

Mentorship a la carte

Need guidance on something? Support? Insight? 

You can schedule a one on one with me at any time, whether you've gone through the mentorship program or not. 

30 min. $75

60 min. $150

Schedule a call with me, and I'll invoice you after.

a la cart
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