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Corporate Wellness

We created our corporate program to help companies integrate wellness into their core business practices and culture. Arrow Yoga works with clients to facilitate classes, workshops and trainings that are centered in mindfulness, stress management, fitness, self-care, resiliency and leadership. 

In light of our current social, political and business environments, we can no longer ignore the importance of our physical and mental well-being as foundational to our personal and professional lives.

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We created corporate wellness memberships to accommodate the needs of the ever evolving work place.


Our virtual studio serves as a flexible HR benefit for teams to cultivate healthy mind, body, and spirit.

On demand classes accessed anytime, anywhere. 

  • Yoga for beginners

  • Meditations

  • Hight Intensity Training

  • Core Workouts

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We create programs that educate clients on the benefits 

of mindfulness, create challenges for employees to flex their competitive edge both physically and mentally, and train thought leaders to remember that they can look inwards vs always thinking "outside" of the box. 

Virtual live classes, workshops and trainings can encourage accountability, create meaningful interactive conversations and inspire members of your team to stay connected, to themselves and with each other.



We host 1-7 day getaways for clients all over the world.


We'll build an itinerary to meet your needs that range from outdoor activities, rest and relaxation, eating amazing meals with local chefs, and culturally immersive activities with our exclusive local partners. We've led over 20 international group trips in every corner of the globe. From camping in the deserts of Morocco, to textile weaving with local artisans in Peru, cheese making with farmers in Italy, hiking and biking in New Zealand, Spain, Indonesia, South Africa, and surfing in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We've developed a system that facilitates personal growth and a true sense of community culture within organizations, while sharing an authentic experience of global travel.

Want to learn more about taking your company on a retreat? 


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