Train to lead and inspire with Arrow Yoga's high quality and comprehensive training programs. 

Arrow Yoga develops holistic students, teachers, and leaders of the yogic system.


We are dedicated to facilitating transformative learning experiences not only through a rigorous curriculum, but immersive yogic technique, and self study.  We provide a safe space to build a foundation of studentship which empowers leaders personally and professionally.

Through an in-depth approach to yoga, infused with tradition, joy and curiosity, we use inquiry as the foundation for our learning process. This program serves as a resource for our own personal awakening and integrity. Navigating the course work, we hold ourselves and our cohort responsible for embracing growth through self examination, and conscious conversations.

Students of Arrow Yoga will learn how to develop their practice while simultaneously being asked to step into teaching. Through repetitive practice and experience, students will learn how to share their unique interpretation, authentically as teachers. Only by understanding our own practice, can we confidently and thoughtfully, guide and inspire others. Our teachings are steeped in tradition, while honoring the continuous evolution of the practice.

We are building the next generation of empowered teachers, thought leaders, and agents of change. We are standing on the shoulders of the ones that came before us, and hold this responsibility of sharing techniques for a liberated life, with upmost reverence.

We are honored to support you as you walk the path of yoga.



200 Hour

Join us for our upcoming 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program. This program is offerred 100% online so that you can study no matter where you are in the world.

January 8-April 30, 2022
4 month immersion



300 Hour 

We offer a 6 month program in partnership with Wicked Om Yoga School. Take your teaching & studentship to the next level in our virtual training with the most profound guest teachers in the world.

Training date TBD
6 month immersion