January - April 2023

Welcome to Arrow Yoga's Virtual 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. We are proud and devoted practitioners of this ancient system and serve as stewards, transmitting the knowledge that has been passed on to us, with utmost reverence. 


Our interest in guiding a 200 hour is not just in providing the knowledge of yoga, but to give you access to it's lived experience. Through more than 16 + weeks, you will be in an immersive and rigorous study of yoga, to learn how to lead the more modern approach of the physical based practices, while steeping yourself into research of its historic origins.


As we share our interpretations of yoga, we are also dedicated to honoring yoga's ancient practitioners, and the literature they left for us to reference. 

This program isn't just about learning how to teach, but more so, learning how to practice.


You will walk away learning how to facilitate a vinyasa & restorative physical yoga class, while also learning how to lead traditional techniques for pranayama, and meditation.


Beyond teaching, we emphasize self study and practice as a guiding principle to our studentship and our personal growth. Join us if you are ready to steep yourself into an in depth study of your yoga, and you.


Read below to learn if this program is right for you.


Throughout the course of this training you will learn the fundamentals of your asana practice, aim inwards through meditation and activate your authentic power through self study.Your training will be broken down into 8 modules (& intensive weekends), with each module inspired by one of the 7 chakras, plus an additional module focused on assimilating all of the knowledge learned and it’s application. 


The chakra system is an ancient architectural blueprint for understanding the energetics of mind-body-spirit and will serve as a symbolic and organizational component to the design of our training. Each weekend will also correspond with each one of the 8 limbs of yoga as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.


This 8 weekend program is a comprehensive approach to becoming a well informed student of yoga. We value presenting the course material of ancient yogic principles through our unique modern translation. You will not only learn the art and science of this practice from a historical context, but also be able to interpret it through a language that is relevant to your daily life and practice.


Educational workshops, conversation, and reading assignments will coincide with the implementation and application of what is studied through repetition of practice teaching. It is through the development of your own personal practice that you will begin to share yoga, as a teacher.







  • Historical context

  • Anatomical Components

  • Complete sequencing (asana, pranayama, meditation) to achieve particular effect safely

  • Shared anatomical and alignment principles plus contraindications


  • Historical context

  • Effects of pranayama on anatomy and subtle body

  • Complete sequencing of pranayama safely, including alternatives and adaptations Ujjayi, Nadi Shodhana, Kapalabhati, among others

  • Koshas, kleshas, chakras, nadis and prana vayus


  • Key meditation terms

  • Meditation methods by lineage  

  • Chanting, mantras, and Mudras


Skeletal system, incl.:

  • Major bones

  • Types of joints

  • Major muscles involved in asana

  • Types of muscle contraction


  • Nervous system, incl. ‘fight, flight, freeze’ stress response

  • Vagal theory 

  • overall mind-body connection

  • Cardiovascular, Circulatory, Endocrine,

  • Digestive systems as they relate to yoga practice

  • Respiratory system, incl. muscles that affect breathing


  • Types of joint movements

  • Joint stabilization

  • Safe movement as it pertains to balancing, stretching, awareness, and physical limitations Contraindications, misalignments, adaptations


  • The Origins of Yoga

  • Dates and key ideas such as the Vedas, Vedanta, Hatha, Colonial, Modern 


  • Definition of yoga and key terms

  • Relationship between asana, pranayama, meditation in Arrow Yoga

  • Familiarity w/ major yogic texts (i.e., Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Hatha Yoga Pradipika)

  • Self-reflection on how philosophy relates to practice


  • Awareness of Yoga Sutras

  • Relationship to Yoga Alliance Ethical Commitment including Scope of Practice, Code of Conduct, and Equity Position Statement Comprehension of and responsibility to increase equity in yoga

  • Accountability measures Self-reflection on how yoga ethics relate to practice and teaching


  • Sequencing

  • Pace

  • Environment

  • Cueing (verbal, visual, physical)

  • Class management


  • Yoga-related professional organizations, including the Yoga Alliance credentialing process

  • Ethical Commitment, including Scope of Practice, Code of Conduct and Equity Position Statement

  • Lifetime of learning and continuing education General professionalism, including timeliness, consistency, cleanliness

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Liability insurance, waivers, invoicing

  • Retreat Organization 

  • Brand Creation/ Website Design





Every other weekend

Saturdays & Sundays

10-5 pm EST

*unless otherwise noted due to pre recorded lectures




Beyond our weekend sessions, you are required to be present for our Wednesday sessions each week throughout the course of the training. 



6-8 pm EST


The first Wednesday session in each module will vary between practice teaching, workshops, and pre recorded anatomy lectures.

The second Wednesday session will be self study focused and a look inwards through the realm of the chakras as our map.




In Module 8, we will be meet on an additional Saturday to celebrate for Graduation.


10 am - 1 pm




Module 1- Anchor

Weekend Intensive - January 7+8

Weekdays - January 11 + 18


Module 2 - Allow

Weekend Intensive - January 21+22

Weekdays - January 25 + Feb. 1


Module 3 - Activate

Weekend Intensive - February 4+5

Weekdays - February 8 + 15


Module 4 - Amplify

Weekend Intensive - Feb. 18 +19

Weekdays - Feb. 22 + March 1


Module 5 - Articulate

Weekend Intensive - March 4+5

Weekdays - March 8 + 15, 22 + 29


Module 6 - Architect

Weekend Intensive - April 1+2

Weekdays - April 5 + 12


Module 7 - Align

Weekend Intensive - April 15+16

Weekdays - April 19 + 26


Module 8 - Assimilate

Weekend Intensive - April 28 + 29

Weekdays - Community Classes & Final Presentations any day these last two weeks.

Saturday Graduation - May 13




Dani Reidy will be your lead teacher for the training. We will also be inviting skilled and experienced guest teachers to help facilitate your training for a variety of modalities. 

Learn more about Dani here.


Total Investment

$2950 (Before September 1st, price increases to $3200)

Taxes & Fees Included



Once you have applied & been accepted, a $500 non refundable deposit will reserve your spot


  • Unlimited Access to Arrow Yoga Virtual Studio

  • 20% off Mentorship  Program

  • 50% off Arrow Yoga Workshops

  • Downloaded copy of your 400+ page training manual

  • A Gift from Arrow Yoga

Payment Plans Available

We want to help you on your path to becoming a yoga teacher. No one will be turned away due to funds. Please reach out to info@arrow-yoga.com to discuss your options.





Scholarships Available

Up to $1000 in savings!

Taking yoga outside the studio to communities underrepresented in a typical yoga class is key to creating a diverse range of teaching voices – so all students can feel represented in the classroom.


We are fully committed to making yoga accessible to EVERYONE in our community.

Please help us spread the word about this opportunity!



Schedule a call with Dani, your lead trainer or email us here.