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Begin your Moroccan adventure spending 5 nights in the heart of the Medina. Within the souks, you'll be able to explore the labyrinth of the infamous souks, overwhelmed by the spectacle of textiles, woven goods, spices, and more.  We have rented an entire 8 bedroom Riad (traditional boutique hotel) that will serve as your quiet oasis in the midst of the city. The moment you step into the front door you'll be met with the most generous hosts, grounding scents, and a deep sense of peace and safety.

The last 2 nights of our trip will be spent in the Agafey Desert. The perfect compliment to your city experience, we will camp under the stars in luxurious tents equipped with everything you'll need. Our camp is the first eco camp in Morocco, which focuses on sustainability and responsible tourism. Meals will be served farm to table, and free time will be spent enjoying activities like lounging by the pool, camel riding, atving, or learning the art of Moroccan cuisine.
Each morning expect to begin your day with a 75 minute asana practice, followed by self inquiry and conversations to inspire you to awaken and expand. Breath work and meditation will be grounding techniques that are interwoven into each practice, all intentionally curated to show you how to self regulate and self rely. Each student will receive a physical copy of our Aim Journal, a guidebook inspired by Tantra and neuroscience to move you on a path forward that is both present and chosen.

Inspired by the cycles of nature, we will be celebrating the shift in season as we head into Spring. With all of its growth and transformation, we too, will honor what it means to move and change.

Length | Cost

7 nights/ 8 days  $2600-3750

Available Trip Dates


March 18-25, 2023

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