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We created this platform as a resource for students and teachers to explore their practice, learn and grow.  We offer yoga classes in the styles of vinyasa, yin, and restorative, host workshops to expand the fundamentals of your practice and provide guided meditations to communicate with your inner realm.

Class Rentals
This page is for class rentals only
We have classes from 30-75 minutes listed here in vinyasa, power, yin and restorative. Think like Prime Movie rentals for yoga! Once you rent a class, you'll have 48 hours to watch the class unlimited times.

$10/class for 48 hours

Monthly Membership 

Have unlimited access to all of our classes. We also have short tutorials, workshops, meditations and more ranging from 10-75 minutes. Receive 20% off on our monthly live workshops. *If you are already a member looking for the members only class library, visit the MEMBERS page on our website menu.

$20/month (start your free trial below!)