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A virtual series of theory and inquiry to experience & embody ancient principles of the yogic system

Each series of sessions will vary in length dependent on the number of parts outlined in each philosophical model. Expect pranayama, meditation, and discussion on how to integrate yogic techniques.


THE FORMAT | what to expect

We will loosely outline the overall concept of each philosophical and metaphysical model and it's origins.

Our sessions will be organized by the sequence of each of the model's parts, highlighting how each aspect is a building block to understanding the whole.

Rather than focusing on presenting these principles in a lecture like format, we will be experiencing them through the various techniques shared. Through conscious conversation
 and direct experience, you will learn to interpret and integrate the ancient concepts into your practice, your teaching, and your life.
THE SCHEDULE | 2-hour virtual calls every other week 
  • Pranayam, Mantra, & Meditation will serve as portals into inquiry. We'll practice various techniques to nurture and ground you into support
  • Prompts will be offered to help you open to the inner realms of heart, mind and spirit
  • Break out rooms will generate intimate small groups to reflect together
To reflect on the subtle aspects of yoga, is to go inwards and be willing to explore the truth. We will be working collectively to dissolve the patterns and programs that withhold us from knowing and being our highest self.

The practice is not just meant to be studied, it's meant to be lived.

Upcoming Sessions


the 4 qualities of the heart


October |

4, 18

November |

1, 15

6-8 pm ET (every other Wednesday)

Registration is for all sessions 

*Each call will be recorded & shared

Cost | $200

Guided practice & inquiry


Resources to continue your education

Bi-Weekly Emails to help you stay the course

Expand your studentship and embody the yogic path 

"Community and good friends help you to remember the path."

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