Dani Reidy is a 500 E-RYT who has taught thousands of hours of yoga around the world since 2014. She began her yoga journey through Baptiste Yoga and discovered a passion for the rigorous nature of the asana.  She learned quickly that she admired the more subtle realms of the practice and dove deep into studying the energetics and philosophy, which she continues to diligently learn. Her passion is in learning how to reprogram the sub conscious mind and practice techniques to cultivate a liberated life.


She values being a student first and is curious about the physiological and psychological components of the practice so she can assist herself and others to self regulate in moments of challenge.


Dani is proud to have trained with and continues to be inspired by her teachers.Dani has studied under Baron Baptiste, Ally Bogard, & Elena Brower. Dani has studied in India with Laughing Lotus teachers, Ali Cramer and Deborah Langley, is certified in the psychology of the chakras from teacher and author Anodea Judith, and has trained with Abbie Galvin in Katonah Yoga. This year Dani has studied Tantra, Yoga History & Philosphy with Carlos Pomeda, Bess Prescott and Tahl Rinsky of Creature Yoga. She has recently received her Pre Natal Yoga Certification under the mentorship of Lily Dwyer Begg. She is currently studying with Rod Stryker in Vinyasa Krama and Yoga Nidra.

Arrow Yoga was created out of Dani's love for learning and sharing educational yoga courses that impart ancient wisdom through modern translations. Accredited through Yoga Alliance in 2020, Arrow Yoga is an official yoga school.

Dani is a lululemon ambassador in Baltimore, where she currently resides with her husband, son James, and two rescue kitties, Bo & Mick. 

Starting in 2015 Dani began leading international yoga retreats which has brought her and hundreds of students to over 10 destinations on over 20 trips, including, Iceland, South Africa, Peru, Morocco, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Colombia, Spain, New Zealand, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Croatia, &. Costa Rica.  

With a passion for travel and a background in Anthropology, Dani aims to cultivate a holistic travel experience that includes movement, reflection, rest, adventure, & culture.

Join Dani in one of her classes, workshops, trainings, or on one of her upcoming trips!

"My yoga practice led me to the discovery that I have every opportunity to align with the version of myself that I always desired. I learned that my practice was not a matter of doing; striving to be someone different; but was of remembering the me that already was, and is, whole and complete. I searched a lifetime looking for answers to all of my questions, wondering why life was happening to me, feeling stuck in fear, lost in uncertainty and doubt. 

It wasn't until I learned to expand my perspective, ask different questions, and truly listen, that my life and my suffering transformed. Yoga offered me an outlet to develop trust in myself, resiliency in moments of challenge, and ultimately to train my attention to stay in presence, so that I could learn to live less out of habit and more out of conscious choice. 

I understand this work, this heart work, is the work of my life time yet, I am grateful that I now have tools and a technique that I can reference to create support and trust in all that is unknown. This practice offers us a map to self understanding and is the compass to guide us forwards. I am so honored that we've found each other to share in this practice, together."

Love, Dani

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