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Aim Journal 

A 35 page, 8 chapter journal with readings, journaling prompts and practices to train your attention to live in the present. Learn to live less out of habit and more out of conscious choice, so that you can create a path forward that is authentically you.

In need of tools to self regulate stress, and want to learn ways to shake off old habits that no longer serve you?

Feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and stressed? 

What if there were resources for you to get really clear about how to redirect your thoughts so that you can feel more grounded, happy, and on the right path? 

Whenever you're in need of direction, whenever the path forward seems uncertains and whenever you feel disconnected, or overwhelmed, you can use this journal as a resource to find your way. 


Inspired by the chakra philosophy in the yoga tradition, the words on these pages are mere interpretations of an ancient ideology applicable to the modern day.


Organized into 8 chapters, it is meant to be complete according to your readiness, and availability  Consider each chapter as a different layer of you that you get to uncover, again and again, which means I invite you to start from the beginning and work through each chapter, as many times as you need. You will be offered readings and practices as a way to train your attnetion and prompt insights that can inform your next step forward. Aim offers an invitation to live less out of habit and more out of choice, to launch you forward in the direction of who you want to become. 


You can do this in 8 consecutive days, weeks or months to gain access to resources that will encourage you to create your own tools that will support you, guide you and remind you that you already have all you need. 


The aim is to practice listening, learning, loving and locating presence, so that you can be a witness to the miraculous nature of your being, to choose your next moment thoughtfully and to be reminded that you are at the absolute right place at the right time. 



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  • Each chapter consists of 2-3 pages of material to educate you on the seven layers of the chakra philosophy that have been interpreted to apply to your modern day life

  • Have access to works and readings from some of my favorite teachers, Ally Bogard, Anodea Judith, Danielle Doby & more

  • Actionable insights that you can utilize starting now to create a more mindful, less fear based life.

  • Discover through these 7 portals of self, how to deepen your connection to what you want to create, what may be holding you back and how to implement the art of awareness into your everyday.

  • Each chapter ends with a "practice," which looks like various journaling prompts, contemplations to consider, and activities you can do to spark insights and inspiration.

  • Chapter 8 is how to Assimilate all of the knowledge you have collected about yourself and apply it through a tangible plan that can guide your days and weeks ahead. 

  • Aim Calendar inspiration to help you understand how you can manage your time, and how to spend your time in a way that fosters balance for mind, body and heart.

  • Access to the Aim Journal FB group which has tons of further resources you can utilize along with an amazing community of like minded women.

  • Learn to access stability, joy, power, love, truth, vision, and wisdom through this 8 part self guided journal.

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