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Tue, Dec 01


Online Event

Mala Making & Meditation

A workshop dedicated to learning all about handmade Mala Beads from the how to the why as well as insight into how to integrate this sacred tool into your daily yoga & meditation practice.

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Mala Making & Meditation
Mala Making & Meditation

Time & Location

Dec 01, 2020, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EST

Online Event

About the Event

Mala Making & Meditation is a workshop dedicated to learning all about handmade Mala Beads. With admission to this workshop you will receive a kit of all the beads, cord, and tools needed to create your own Mala bead necklace. We will be focusing on the chakra stones so each kit will include 102 sandalwood beads that will make up the majority of our malas, and then either one of each chakra stone or 7 of one chakra stone you specifically feel aligned with. 

During these two hours we will learn how to hand tie our own Mala beads, as well as have a discussion on the history and significance of Malas, the number 108, japa meditation, and the seven chakras. By the end of this workshop you will have all the tools & instruction necessary to complete your very own hand made Mala beads as well as the education needed to integrate this sacred tool into your daily yoga and meditation practice.


To register, you will be directed to the Mala Making Workshop page, where you can select your chakra stone, as well as your mala charm. 


We will be recording the workshop so you can watch it anytime, anywhere!

You will receive the Zoom link the night before the workshop.

Colors to choose from & their associated Chakras:

Amethyst (purple)- Crown Chakra- This stone works to bring tranquility to your mind and helps to pull high frequency vibrations from the universe into your mind. It is known as a protective stone that protects its wearer from negative energy. A perfect stone for activating one's ability to sit in meditation. Physically amethyst is used to boost the immune system, improve endocrine function, improve skin issues, and reduce headaches.

Sodalite (dark blue)- Third Eye Chakra- Brings calmness to the mind. Encourages rational thought and objectivity. Sodalite allows for one to find their truth and follow their intuition. It brings emotional balance, calms panic attacks, and enhances self- esteem, self acceptance, and self trust. Physically sodalite can be used to balance the metabolism, boost the immune system, cleanse the organs, and fight off insomnia.

Amazonite (teal/sand tricolor)- Throat Chakra- Helps create the courage needed to move away from the fear of judgement from others so you can clearly communicate what is your truth. Helps to increase your innate ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries. Physically amazonite works to balance thyroid problems, skin issues, and recovery from injury. Connected with the feminine amazonite works wonders on releasing habits of self neglect creating space for you to put yourself first. This is known as a warrior stone encouraging you to face and defeat any challenge that may stand in your way.

Green Aventurine (Green)- Heart Chakra- Aventurine is a powerful heart healing stone both physically and emotionally. It works to heal the heart of heartbreak of any kind as well as illness. This stone works to clear your heart of any blockages that may be holding you back from moving forward and accepting abundance into your life. A special stone recommended for healers & medical professionals to protect your heart from the negativity that surrounds you in your profession. It is an all encompassing healing stone but works particularly well for easing allergies and migraines.

Yellow Jade (Yellow)- Solar Plexus Chakra- Yellow jade is used to bring self confidence, courage, and abundance to its user. It is said to impart inner wisdom of the self in allowing for true self discovery. A powerful stone to use in unearthing one's purpose and creative abilities. Being attached to the solar plexus chakra it is physically used to heal digestive ailments while simultaneously releasing any blocks preventing you from being able to “go with your gut”. This is also a stone of good luck and good fortune that makes way for self sufficiency. It will help you to release any emotions you’ve been holding too tightly to in order to make way for personal growth & alignment to the true self.

Tigers Eye (brown/ yellow)-Sacral Chakra- Tigers eye is a stabilizing and grounding stone. This stone invites its wearer to embrace strength and harness will power. Traditionally it is carried for protection from negative forces. The spirit of the tiger is a reminder of the importance of our primal instincts & encourages the wearer to accept all parts of themselves. Tigers eye is all about bringing the utmost self confidence out from within. This stone is used to awaken motivation, clear lethargy, and allow its wearer to remain strong, centered, & connected to their core even during times of chaos.

Red Agate (Red)- Root Chakra- Red agate works to protect the primary chakra of our body, the root chakra. It is a perfect stone for balancing body, mind, & spirit which begins first with the root chakra. Traditionally known as the warriors stone, it can be used to light the fire in your heart to be exactly you who are, to be in alignment with the root of your being. This stone is suggested for creative types as it helps clear the channel for your creative energy which also stems from the root of your being. Physically it is linked to the circulatory system & supports the health of your heart & blood vessels.

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