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Q+A: Allison Pescatore

We are so excited to speak with Allison Pescatore, lead marketing strategist for Invested, a Maryland based Registered Invested Advisory, offering financial planning and investment advice. In this one on one interview, Allison tells us a bit about the importance of financial wellness, tips to get make budgeting friendly as well as how she ended up as a boss lady interested in inspiring others to be confident in developing a healthy relationship with their bank accounts.

Hi Allison! Tell us all a little bit about yourself .

I moved to Baltimore five years ago for grad school and I now call Canton my home. I have been with InvestEd for almost three years, before we opened our doors to the public, and helped to shape our brand, marketing and business strategy.I recently married my husband, Chris, and together we have a dog, Charlie. I enjoy being by the water, traveling, meeting new people and dining al fresco with Chris and Charlie.I am energized by building community and believe in the power of authenticity.

What brought you to Invested?

I found InvestEd in a time when I was searching for stability in a career. I wanted a non stressful job at a big corporation but where I could still have an impact. When approached about InvestEd, and hearing that it was a new venture for a small business, I immediately said no way. Finally, I agreed to a meeting with our President where we spent three hours talking about InvestEd and it completely changed my mind. I was enamored by InvestEd's genuine desire to help everyone with financial planning and investment advising. Can you tell us more about Invested?

InvestEd is a Maryland-based Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) that helps all people, regardless of age or income, with financial planning and investment advice. We believe that everyone should have access to financial education and host monthly free financial education seminars. We also provide complimentary one-on-one meetings with a financial advisor to discuss your personal finances. We are fiduciary advisors and require no minimum to start investing. As the lead marketing strategist, how have you found your voice as a leader ?

Finding my voice as a leader came from forcing myself to speak up during meetings. I always had opinions and ideas but was fearful to share them due to lack of confidence in my ability. By gradually speaking up, I gained more confidence in my voice and it helped to validate that my ideas mattered. My voice was amplified once I fully gained confidence in my ability, knowledge and understanding of my skills.

What is important about finance wellness that all the ladies out there should know?

Knowledge really is power. It's one thing to have your finances in order because you hired a financial advisor to help you, it's a completely different thing to understand how your financial advisor helped you get your finances in order and what they plan to help you with In the future. The best thing you can do for yourself is to understand what is going on with your money. When meeting with your advisor, ask for an explanation of everything. If you don't understand it, ask again. Similar to a doctor. You always ask what it means. You need to know and be in control with knowledge. How do you suggest someone with no budgeting and financing experience implement healthy financial habits?

One step at a time. Same as approaching a diet or workout routine, it is extremely difficult to jump in all at once and it may leave you feeling overwhelmed and defeated. Set mini goals for yourself with realistic deadlines. For example, budgeting is always a good place to start. Take a look at your income and what you are spending. Be honest with yourself and really get into the details of where your money is going. This may take a few months to fully understand your monetary habits, but it is the foundation of financial wellness.

What are your goals for the next year? And five years?

For the past two years, InvestEd has worked mostly with the Baltimore community. My goal for the next year is to spread InvestEd's financial literacy and advising programs outside of the city to all of Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. My five year goal is to find a sustainable and realistic work-life balance. I want to be equally energized by work and my home life and provide adequate attention and passion to feel satisfied in both.

If you could give one message to all the women out there starting their own business and stepping into leadership roles what would it be?

Always be the hardest worker in the room. If you know your stuff, no one can poke holes in your ability. What you create and the knowledge you have on your subject will speak for itself.

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