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5 Ways To Feel Your Best After Traveling

I used to come home from my travels feeling the blues. My mom would text me and say, "back to reality yet?" I'd wish I was still traveling, would feel entirely overwhelmed by entering back into my daily responsibilities, and honestly not feel like my motivated and positive self. I'm here to remind you that if you're feeling feelings, it's good, in fact, great! It is healthy for you to process what you're experiencing AND I am here to tell you to not live there for too long! There are ways to actually feel great when you've come home from traveling.

After traveling almost every month this past year, I have learned what is required for me to feel steady and grounded. Listed below are five simple and sure fire ways that have worked for me and I trust will work for you in feeling more like yourself, (and even better), after you've been away.

1. Start Slow

Take your time to adjust! To the new time zone, to the feeling of being home, to your space and your responsibilities. I used to think I had to get home and jump right back into the routine I had before I left, do all the workouts, write all the emails etc; Take your time to acclimate and start slow. Pick a few things that you'd like to accomplish for the week but leave it at that. Don't go start overwhelming yourself, keep it simple.

2. Unpack (literally and figuratively)

One of my favorite ways to feel more grounded when I get home is to unpack, throw all of my clothes in the laundry and just clean everything up! Our home holds the energy of how we want to feel so we want to make sure that it feels clear, so that we can relax and restore after our long journey. By unpacking from our trip, we are also symbolically preparing ourselves for what's ahead, for what we can look forward to, even if it's our clean clothes!

3. Gratitude

So often I hear myself and others talking about how much they wish they were still on their vacation. By wishing away your present circumstances, you miss out on the beauty of what is right in front of you, like your home and your people! Take time to think of how grateful you are for being able to experience your world and to take the amazing trip you were just on. Then, reflect on what is wonderful about being right here. This will almost instantly shift your post travel blues.

4. Get Inspired

I often find I am most creative after traveling. I've taken time to reflect, assess and dream up what life can be. When I get home from a trip I sit down and write down all of my ideas and all of my goals for the future. Stay focused on what is possible for you now that you are home. What is something new you can create or commit to? What has your trip inspired within you? To avoid the overwhelm, I schedule out what I want to accomplish, and of course apply Step 1 (start slow).

5. Nourish

Nourish your mind, your body and soul. Don't feel guilty about resting and sleeping! You have just traveled through multiple time zones, not to mention if you were flying, over 500 mph in a tin can in the sky! The travel can reel havoc on your nervous system, which also means your digestive system, your skin and so much more. Drink your fluids and of course get yourself adjusted to your regular eating habits. Fuel your body with your favorite activities, go to a yoga class, run, or spin. Maybe nourishing yourself looks like seeing your favorite people, reading a book, taking a bath. Ya know, the self care tings. Ask yourself the question, "what nourishes me from the inside out and the outside in?"


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