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We are so thrilled to partner with Maya B Jewelry and present you with an Arrow inspired mala necklace. 


Live Forward Mala:

With every beat of my heart I aim towards what I love and what I know to be true. I follow my intuition and step boldly into the unknown. I connect to all that I once was and all that I am becoming. I take each day one breath at a time. No matter what challenges me, I never give up on myself, I keep going, I keep living forward.


This is a traditional hand-knotted Japa mala. Featuring rose quartz, rainbow moonstone, labrodorite and emperor wood. 


Rose Quartz:


Rainbow Moonstone:




Emperor Wood:


Size + Fit

108 beads 



About Maya B Jewelry

Beautifully crafted jewelry and mala beads >> created with high-quality gemstones selected to heal ground + inspire

Follow Maya B on Instagram: maya.b_jewelry



Live Forward Mala

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