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Dubrovnik Travel Guide

the best 6 day guide to the must dos and sees in and around Dubrovnik

All photos taken by Anna Meyer Photo

Where to stay:

Find yourself a beautiful AirBnB in nearby Zaton Bay. Located just 8 km outside of Dubrovnik, you will be able to access the crowded city life while returning home to the quiet and simplicity of this small bayside village.

Mornings were spent listening to the songs of birds while enjoying the splendor of the mountains just beyond the shore line.

Day 1 Kayaking in Zaton Bay + Dinner at

Restaurant Gverović-Orsan

Dubrovnik is surrounded by over 13 small islands and beautiful coastlines. Just around Zaton Bay we kayaked to beautiful caves where you can jump off of rope swings into the turquoise waters. In Dubrovnik we saw people out and about on kayaks just around the city walls and near the island Lokrum. Definitely worth a 2 hour excursion to experience the perspective of the land from sea.

An old boathouse converted restaurant in 1966 by local a Zaton Bay family. End your evening at the romantic and aesthetically pleasing bay side restaurant. The service and food here are amazing but what makes it even more special is the proximity to the water. Sea food is the star of this menu, as it is everywhere in Dubrovnik, but you can enjoy home made risotto, salads, soups and more. Feel the gentle breeze as you watch the spectacle of the sun setting over the mountains.


Spend the day hanging out at one of the local beaches so you can relax and cool off from the summer sun. By 4:30 pm head on over to Dubrovnik and get dropped off at Pile Gate so you have easy access ( no stairs) to meet with your local tour guide at the Onorfijeva fontana. By 5 pm you'll begin strolling around the streets of Dubrovnik learning about its resilient history and tasting the many delicacies that make up Croatian cuisine. You will see lots of Italian inspired, Mediterranean and eastern European influences because Dubrovnik is such a melting pot of cultures that settled there over many years of being an abundant shipping port. Stop at 4 different restaurants to try local food and wine before ending at the amazing gelato shop where the servers do tricks for you!

Day 3 Island Boat Tour + lunch stop at Bowa Restaurant

If you only had one day in Dubrovnik, do this. Hire a local boat company to take you out to explore the islands of Sipan and Kolocep. Spend the day cruising out to sea, listening to music and taking in the breathtaking views of the sea and mountains. Swim in the pristine Adriatic and explore nearby caves, abounded houses turned adult jungle gyms, go cliff jumping and you MUST absolutely MUST stop at Bowa. Bowa is a stunning restaurant which Vogue describes is "in a league of its own." You have to have a reservation and can only access the restaurant by boat. Nestled into the side of the island Sipan, Bowa offers world class dining where the waiters say "the only thing we connect to is nature." No wifi offered but there is access to swimming and lounging for the day if you reserve one of the private outdoor villas.


Leave Zaton Bay at around 11 am and ask your uber/taxi driver to drop you off at the starting point for the hiking trail up to Mt. Srd. Not everyone will know where this is and it doesn't show up on an iPhone map. Download Google maps on your phone and as you zoom in to Mt. Srd, you'll notice a zig zagging dotted line: that is the hiking trail. If you're coming up from Zaton, you'll have to cross the street to get to the trail and dodge a few cars on the way. The hike takes an hour to climb and is made doable by a ton of switch backs. Along the way you'll find plaques that illustrate Jesus's journey to the cross, which at the top of Mt. Srd, both a big fortress and a massive cross. Most people take the cable car up but we suggest hiking because its an excellent activity and makes the view so much more worth it.

On the way down, you can follow the steps that lead you all the way to Pile Gate and find yourself back in the old town of Dubrovnik. Keep walking, up even more stairs, until you get to Buza Bar, the famous cliff side bar where you can take a risk leap of faith off of its two different cliffs.

After a long day, wine and dine over at Konoba Kasar in Zaton Bay.


Another activity to add to your list would be biking through Konavle Valley. Spend the afternoon biking down picturesque roads with views of the mountains above and vineyards below. Take a few stops along with way before sitting down to enjoy some wine and snacks at the family owned Konoba Vinica. Experience the untethered beauty of the valley, where nature is respected so much that you can even drink the water from the river next to the restaurant!


After a long week of exploring Dubrovnik plentiful landscape, spend your last day relaxing by the water again before heading out on a memorable boat ride to the near by island Lopud. If you're feeling up to it, head back into Dubrovnik and get to any other tourist attractions you feel you missed. The Dubrovnik Wall Walk was a crowd pleaser and allowed for 360 views of the city and sea below. We weren't that into the Game of Thrones inspired tours, although we love Thrones, but if you're a die hard then you'll have plenty to keep you busy on your final day in this magical city.

At the end of the day hire a boat to take you from the Zaton Bay harbor, on a 30 minute ride to dine out at, Restaurant Dubrovnik Lopud . Nestled on the shoreline you'll be set up with unobstructed views of the most incredible sunset to end your week. The service was one of the best around and you can tell they care about the food they offer. Loaded with amazing home made cheeses, pasta dishes and ceviche, sea food once again was the main event with grilled fish and lobster to leave you with a full heart and full belly.

Enjoy this itinerary without having to plan a thing by registering for our upcoming Croatia retreat happening June 13-20 2020.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


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