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Why You Should Travel to Koh Tao

Imagine sinking into warm sand, listening to the sound of tropical birds chirping and the waves gently rolling onto shore. You‘re relaxing on the beach preparing for a day of adventure with world class scuba diving, delicious and fresh local cuisine and embarking on a journey into this unknown space full of magic and wonder. Where are you? You're on the beautiful, remote island known as Koh Tao, Thailand.

Here are all the reasons why we love Koh Tao and why you should be packing your suitcase now to explore this amazing haven of Thailand.


Koh Tao was completely uninhabited until 1943, allowing the small Island to blossom with an abundance of untouched life. The island is removed from the hustle of industrialization, making it the ideal place to disconnect from outside noise. Only reached by boat, the island still holds its laid-back and remote vibe; surrounded by luminescent water and leafy green flora. The beaches are coated with soft, white sand with little spots of shade to sit under tall palm trees. Here you will have the space to unwind, connect to nature, the ocean and your inner self.


Also known as Turtle Island, Koh Tao is noted as one of the worlds best scuba diving destinations. The clear glittering water surrounding the island is home to thousands of unique, colorful creatures. Untouched coral reefs are blooming below the surface, available for you to adventure and explore right off the coastline. You will quite literally swim among wild turtle families, a truly unique experience you may have never had.


If tasting extraordinary and authentic food interests you, you will thoroughly enjoy your stay in Koh Tao. Experience the local Thai cuisine that Koh Tao has to offer, from fresh seafood caught straight out of the ocean to authentic Thai curries. Being in such a remote Island, the food is all prepared naturally and locally with unique and delicious Thai elements. Daily fresh fruits plucked out of the jungle, Koh Thai will not dissapoint your palate!


This destination is a relatively cheap place to visit, leaving you a cushion in your budget to save for souvenirs and local finds. Travel, accommodations, cuisine and activities are all quite reasonable in Koh Tao, meaning you can experience all and more that is on your agenda for this trip. There is no need to hold back from ordering an exquisite meal or picking a luxury cottage to stay in whilst in Koh Tao.


Koh Tao is well-known for its laid back culture and friendly locals, allowing tourists to have a welcoming and pleasant experience. The population is around only 8,000 people, consisting mainly of Thai natives. Bhuddism is the primary religion, bringing forth mindful cultural practices and a calm way of life. Being immersed into the serene and positive environment will have you feeling fulfilled throughout your experience.


You will most certainly not get bored spending your time on Koh Tao. There are so many incredible tour companies, stunning beaches and adventures to take, even inland. Go rock climbing, book a kayaking trip to a nearby island, watch fire dancers on the beach at night. Get a message, join a cooking class, take a sunset dinner cruise, you name it! Koh Tao is a perfect place to create a balanced experience where you can relax in quiet corners of the island while still finding plenty to do when you want to.

Whether you chose to travel to Koh Tao or another stunning location, remember to stay mindful while entering a tourist destination.

Be kind and respectful to local people, soak up the stunning nature, enrich yourself with the culture and leave only your footprints behind.


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