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10 Key Moroccan Phrases To Know While Traveling

Traveling to Morocco and want to know how to verbally immerse yourself? We love to acknowledge the country we're visiting by putting in a little effort to speak the dominant language. We've heard people say otherwise, but we think a little effort is appreciated when traveling, other than expecting everyone you connect with to speak your language. Here are 10 key phrases we think you should know while visiting Morocco.

The official language of Morocco is the Moroccan Arabic. It is a dialect of Maghreb Arabic and it is also the most widely spoken language in the country with 85% of the total population. The language is fairly different from the common Arabic spoken in the Middle East and is also slightly influenced by French or Spanish.

1. Hello

" salam"

2. How are you?


3. A response to how are you

"Walaykum As-salaam"

4. Thank you


5. Yes and No

"Iyah" and "La"

6. How much?

"bech hale"

7. Too Expensive

" rally bizef"

8. What's your name?

"may dash k-kran"

9. Please


10. Goodbye


There are of course many other phrases to learn but here is a quick list of 10 words and phrases to get educated on before your next trip to Morocco. Have the best time.


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