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What to Wear in Morocco: 6 Essential Items

So you're thinking about taking the leap, or perhaps you already have your trip planned to Morocco, and you're curious as what you should bring to wear.

Being in the center of one of Morocco's vibrant cities or stunning deserts, you'll want to be fully prepared for the hot and dry climate: staying comfortable, cool, and of course- stylish. Although we have heard of women wearing whatever they like on a trip to this mostly Islamic country, we believe in providing packing options that are considered culturally appropriate and versatile. With a unique cultural element to embrace, creating your Moroccan wardrobe can be a fun way to immerse yourself into the culture!

Here're 6 items that we love, and hope can serve as inspiration for you to consider bringing on your journey.


When in Morocco you want to think about dressing modestly. Linen pants are both comfortable and breathable; enabling you to meet the cultural standards while having the functionality during your desert camel rides and long walks through the city.

Simply add a baggy white Tee for day adventures, or a fun blouse for an evening out.


A trendy accessory to keep your hair out of your face, while aligning to the traditional Moroccan customs.

Pair with your favorite earrings and stay cool.


Long dresses and skirts will be your best friend for this trip. They're so easy to simply throw on and start the day!

You'll feel comfortable, covered up and super cute.


You have a ton of exploring and adventuring to do, so treat your feet to some comfort and support!

Teva sandals or your favorite old Birkenstocks will do the trick.


Protecting you from the sun throughout the day & keeping you comfortable at night.

Wrap up in a beautiful kimono.


This is a great item to keep in your backpack on your mountain excursions... you'll want this while sitting upon a breezy hilltop absorbing the stunning views.

& as the sun goes down, you'll want to throw this on to stay cozy.


Spending plenty of time throughout the day in the sunshine you'll want to protect your face with a sun hat.

This trendy item can be worn with all of the above: all day, everyday.

More than anything, pack simply and make sure to leave room for all the amazing finds you'll stumble across in the local markets.


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